Stéphanie Stevenson, candidate in Châteauguay


Stephanie Stevenson is an activist who is running for office to demand more respect for the environment and more social justice. She believes that Quebec must take concrete action to develop a greener, more equitable and sustainable economy in order to preserve the natural environment for future generations.

Better management of the public health system, combined with more resources for universal dental care, better mental health services and access to family doctors are all very important issues for her.

Stephanie Stevenson has chosen to get involved with the Green Party of Quebec to help build a greener, more inclusive and egalitarian Quebec. She believes that Quebec’s diversity is one of our greatest assets and that we should promote living together rather than the divisive policies of the three major political parties in the National Assembly.

For Stephanie, every vote cast on behalf of the Green Party of Quebec demonstrates that our platform resonates with the population, helps us to take our place in the public debate and contributes significantly to the development of the Green Party. For all these reasons (and more), Stephanie Stevenson would be honoured to have your support in the 2022 provincial election.


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