Michelle Vaz, candidate in Prévost


Michelle Vaz has always supported the vision and values of the Green Party of Quebec in the last provincial election. Finding that things are not changing fast enough, she has decided to run as a candidate in the electoral district of Prévost for this fall’s elections. Michelle wants to make a difference in the environment and find sustainable and concrete solutions to the various issues facing our society.

Professionally and academically, Michelle has completed university studies in teaching as well as some experience in the field of early childhood education. Having finally completed a DEP in horticulture, she is currently working on the North Shore, in the Laurentians, as a horticulturist. As the mother of a little boy, she is very motivated to change the future of Quebec and to advocate for real change to leave a safer society for future generations.

At the local level, Michelle wants to see the cutting of forests stopped in her riding, but also in the whole of Quebec, because it is an ecological disaster for nature and biodiversity. More than anything else, she wants to put forward a plan to protect Quebec’s green spaces and forests and this is the primary objective of her political campaign.

Michelle likes to take care of her chickens in her free time, but also of her greenhouse. She also enjoys getting out and doing activities with her child and riding her motorcycle. For Michelle Vaz, every vote cast on behalf of the Green Party of Quebec demonstrates that our ideas resonate with the public, helps us gain a foothold in the public debate, and contributes to the funding of the Green Party through the per-vote subsidy. For all these reasons (and more), Michelle Vaz would be honoured to have your support in the 2022 Quebec general election. Every vote counts!


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