Félix-Antoine Bérubé-Simard, candidate in Jean-Lesage


Félix-Antoine Bérubé Simard chose to enter politics in order to change things at the provincial level. Concerned about the environment, he does not like the status quo and does not want to wait for things to change on their own. Not feeling represented for some time by the political parties that are very present in the media sphere, Félix-Antoine decided to take the plunge into politics in order to be proactive in his own way. He found himself through the vision of the Green Party of Quebec, being the only political option that links the environment, social causes and the socialist model.

Having completed a bachelor’s degree in microbiology at Laval University, Félix-Antoine also completed a master’s degree, a doctorate and a post-doctorate in molecular biology. Throughout his studies, he focused on cancers and rare genetic diseases in children. After working in the health field for several years, Félix-Antoine now works in the field of agri-environment for the non-profit organization Biopterre. As a researcher, he is interested in clean technologies and green biotechnologies, particularly in urban and rural revegetation projects. Through his political involvement, he also wishes to use his scientific knowledge to promote a better scientific popularization that is more adapted to citizens. Often done in a clumsy way, he finds it very important to better explain the whys and wherefores to the population when making political decisions.

At the local level, Félix-Antoine would like to focus on the issue related to the high concentrations of nickel observed in the air in the Limoilou sector. Directly related to his health background, he would like to advocate for real change to remedy the problem. Félix-Antoine would also like to advocate, in accordance with the vision of the PVQ, against the construction of the 3rd link between Quebec City and Lévis. In general, he would like to take a stand and continue to promote the importance of LGBTQIA2+ recognition and equality throughout Quebec. He also wishes, in another measure, that residual materials be better managed at the provincial level.

In his spare time, Félix-Antoine enjoys sports, he trains a lot, and is a master of martial arts, a sport that teaches rigor, but also self-control. Félix-Antoine is also an avid fan of comic books and video games. For Mr. Bérubé-Simard, each vote cast on behalf of the Green Party of Quebec demonstrates that our ideas resonate with the public, help us gain traction in the public debate, and contribute to the funding of the Green Party through the per-vote subsidy. For all these reasons (and more), Félix-Antoine Bérubé-Simard would be honoured to have your support in the 2022 Quebec general election. Every vote counts!


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