Shameem Jauffur, candidate in Marquette


Shameem Jauffur is a creative innovator and business developer in the field of environmental sustainability, science, and technology. He’s active in leading programs to develop environmentally sustainable solutions and processes to fight climate change and preserve natural ecosystems.

Holder of a PhD in environmental engineering from McGill University, he is presently the Sr. Sustainability Program Manager in a multinational corporation, leading cutting edge programs to protect the planet. With more than 20 years of experience in the environmental and sustainable development fields, he is also the founder of Envirogenique Inc. which is involved in environmental protection and conservation. He was also adjunct assistant Professor at Concordia University co-supervising research in the field of environmental engineering.

Born on the paradise of island of Mauritius, Shameem moved to Quebec some 10 years back, and since then decided to make the province his home. Married and father of Liam, a 1-year old toddler, he’s passionate about nature, people and helping the community. By joining the Green Party, he wants to bring real positive change for the local communities. So far, the Quebecers are frustrated by the increasing inflation, food insecurity, expensive housing, wealth inequality and inaction to deal with the adverse impacts of global warming and climate change. Shameem wants to improve the welfare and health of the citizens in his district, properly staff the medical facilities, ensure affordably priced food by promoting local and fresh produce, electrify the transport sector and make mass transit free, render housing more affordable to families, make the neighborhood safer and more secure, provide a better education and sport facilities to our children and dignified care to our elders.

In addition, he’s ready to take bold steps to increase green spaces and parks, promote renewable energies, reduce and revalorize wastes into useful products, and improve the quality of water in his riding. He is also keen on working on concrete policies to fight systemic racism and promote cultural diversity, equity and inclusion.

For Shameem, voting for the Green Party is more than restoring the environment for you and your children. It is to use your vote to take back what belong to you – your right for a better society, affordable food for everyone, decent housing, free transportation, better education and safe neighborhood. Use your vote to let your voice heard and drive real change. Shameem will be honored and privileged to count on your support and get your vote.


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