Andrzej Wisniowski, candidate in Granby


Andrzej Wisniowski is entering politics in order to take part in the Quebec democracy. According to him, it is important that citizens can convey their values and develop democracy in a healthy and fair manner. He decided to join the team of the Green Party of Quebec because the positions and the electoral platform of the party reflect and align with his convictions and his way of seeing things. 

With a degree in water treatment, Andrzej has also completed a certificate in environmental studies at the University of Sherbrooke. Now studying computer science, he has several significant professional experiences, including an internship in a company developing electric and intelligent transportation. Andrzej has also been involved in his community for several years, as treasurer for a housing cooperative in Granby. 

On a local level, Andrzej wants to advocate for more affordable and accessible housing to end the housing crisis in his electoral district. He also wants to find quick solutions to increase the number of daycare spaces, a major problem in the Granby area. More broadly, Andrzej wants to preserve green spaces, take a stand against sewage dumping in waterways and make public transportation in the region much more accessible. With the vision of the GPQ, he wants to support the reform of the voting system so that the National Assembly is more representative of the popular vote. 

Andrzej’s hobbies include yoga, board games and nature walks. For Andrzej Wisniowski, every vote cast on behalf of the Green Party of Quebec demonstrates that our ideas resonate with the public, help us gain a foothold in the public debate, and contribute to the funding of the Green Party through the per-vote grant. For all these reasons (and more), Andrzej Wisniowski would be honoured to have your support in the 2022 Quebec general election. Every vote counts! 


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