Daydree is running for political office to promote the ecological, fair trade and feminist ideas of the Green Party of Quebec. Daydree is a technical writer working in the high-tech field. She has a BA in Linguistics and an MA in English Literature from Laval University.
She is passionate about community wellness and the day-to-day implications of that, which for her translates into a vegan diet, yoga practice and constant learning. She has a passion for the arts and writing and sometimes writes for cultural magazines.

She decided to get involved with the Green Party of Quebec because the party’s ideas correspond to her values, in addition to proposing sustainable policies that ensure a better future for the province. For her, politics is a tool to raise awareness and mobilize citizens around a common goal. In this regard, Daydree would like to ban single-use plastic and support the mobilization of citizens to push businesses to turn to reusable and environmentally friendly options. It also pushes for free public transportation and an expansion of the network to find alternatives to private vehicles. She proposes to increase the network of bicycle lanes to compete with the number of highways and offer viable solutions. Finally, she promotes increased education on sustainable agriculture and healthy eating.

For Daydree Vendette, every vote cast on behalf of the Green Party of Quebec demonstrates that the party’s ideas resonate with the population and contributes to the development of the party and what it stands for. For all these reasons, Daydree would be honoured to have your support in the election. Every vote counts!


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