As the price of gasoline rises above $2 a liter, many right-wing politicians are suggesting cutting sales taxes or the carbon tax.
The reality is that gas prices are high because of the war in Ukraine, not because of taxes. The quickest way to reduce the price of gasoline is to end the war.
Unlike the increase in gasoline prices due to a carbon tax, this increase caused by sanctions against Russia is lining the pockets of oil companies who will use it to extract more oil.
This war risks decimating 15 years of work by the Quebec environmental movement to block the construction of oil pipelines. The leaders are happy to use the war in Ukraine as an excuse to increase Canadian oil production while building infrastructure that will tie our country to fossil fuels for generations.
Are we willing to sacrifice our environment, our budgets and the hard-won battles of the Quebec environmental movement for the privilege of saying no to negotiations with Russia?
The solution to rising gasoline prices for oil companies is to make peace as soon as possible in Ukraine. Let’s act now!

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