Lawrence Ngo is a university student in Health Sciences who aspires to become a medical doctor. Born in and raised in Montreal he has lived in the neighbourhoods of Saint Michel and Rosemont before moving to his current home in Pierrefonds with his family. He decided to get involved in politics with the Green Party of Québec because we are the only party that has consistently advocated for the environment and social justice. At age 19 he feels that young people will have to deal with the consequences of the many environmental sacrifices being made by pour governments and that this is a great injustice to young people and to future generations. Lawrence is passionate about helping people whether it be in the medical field or through politics. He is eager to work as a team to have a positive impact on the population and on his community. 

With respect to the healthcare system, Lawrence Ngo wants to increase hospital capacity in order to reduce wait times. He wants to offer high quality of care delivered by workers who are respected by the government, adequately paid and not overworked. The current healthcare system is in decline and needs to be fixed. M. Ngo would like to play an active role in addressing these issues. 

Lawrence loves the outdoors, public speaking, debating political issues and being an active part of his community. As a resident of Pierrefonds he and his family were directly affected by the 2017 and 2019 floods that saw many people lose their homes with minimal government support. Passionate about science, he has participated in many expos, physics competitions and other activities. He recently graduated from the Health Sciences program at College Brebeuf. He enjoys playing guitar, drums and the patio as well as discovering the city on foot with his two dogs. He does not like cars, but uses an electric vehicle when he does drive. 

For Lawrence Ngo each time that a ballot is cast for the Green Party of Quebec it shows that our positions resonate with the population, enables us to have our voices heard in the public debate and contributes to funding the Green Party of Quebec thanks to the per vote subsidy. For all of these reasons and (many more), Lawrence Ngo would be honoured to be able to count on your support in the provincial election in Nelligan. Every vote counts!

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