Jamie D’Souza was born in Montreal, NDG and lives in Rosemont. She is an environmentalist, volunteer and passionate researcher. She holds a Master’s degree in Geography from the University of Ottawa, a Bachelor’s degree in Human Geography and Urban Studies from Concordia, and a DEC in Marketing and Business Management from Dawson College. For her Master’s thesis, she examined the relationship between climate change and polar bear tourism in Churchill, Manitoba.

She collaborated on a textile waste reduction initiative with the University of Ottawa’s Free Store and is currently the content manager for Happy Eco News – a news website dedicated to positive environmental news. Jamie also teaches Zumba classes and enjoys walking outdoors, gardening, cooking and baking.

Jamie supports the Green Party because it is the only party that is truly committed to

the environment and matches her views and values. The main issues that Jamie hopes

to bring forward in the 2022 election are:

Reducing and repurposing waste in Quebec

Increased exposure to the textile waste problem in the province

Better use of Quebec’s resources and creating more local products.

Increased support from universities to help students find jobs after graduation

Increased access to mental health resources

Jamie D’Souza would be honored to have your support in the October 3rd general election in Rosemont. Every vote counts!

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