Kristian Solarik lives in Saint Clet with his wife and 7 year old son. He decided to get involved in politics to represent people who want to leave a clean environment and a more just and caring society for future generations. Born in Saint Leonard, Kristian grew up in the east end of Montreal before moving to Saint-Zotique in 2010. He has also lived briefly in Saint-Polycarpe and Sainte-Marthe and knows the riding of Soulanges very well. Kristian is an enthusiast of the region, and wants nothing but a top quality and a healthy region for all. He has also volunteered as a coach for minor league and senior league baseball over the years. At the age of 23 years old, Kristian ran as an independent city councillor candidate in the city of Montreal for the Louis-Riel district back in 2009.


Kristian chose the Green Party for our core values of environmental protection and social justice. He wants to fight systemic racism, build a more inclusive society and bring in major changes with respect to the way we treat the environment. He feels strongly that those who break environmental regulations should be held accountable and that the creation of an environmental police force is long overdue.


During his campaign, M. Solarik will be advocating for the public healthcare system and the need to rebuild it from the ground up. The current system is simply not able to deliver the kind of care that people deserve. M. Solarik will be also advocating for changes towards education, early childhood education, and transportation. Kristian is a believer in equality, he strongly opposes Bills 96 & 21. He also believes that change begins in everyone’s backyards; strong local representation is one Kristian’s core values. Kristian believes that we must invest in our communities, including our infrastructures, businesses, and municipalities. 


For Kristian Solarik, every vote cast for the Green Party of Quebec demonstrates that our policies resonate with the population, helps us raise important issues in the public debate and contributes to the funding of the Green Party of Quebec. For all these reasons (and many more) Kristian would be honoured to be able to count on your support in the upcoming election.

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