Today, the Montreal Police Force has completely prevented the Extinction Rébellion demonstration from taking to the streets.

The police officers outnumbered the demonstrators and some of them were heavily armed.

I condemn this police repression of the environmental movement.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec

Aujourd’hui la Police de Montréal a carrément empêché la manifestation d’Extinction Rébellion de prendre la rue. Les…

Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, October 8, 2019–SJikVpWWa5c6lzaYODgu4gQmqoVn3XCQG07lAAxMUh0I-yZHZwqMrUt2kQCDyguzYIuAqJxeShiL6r-5LG1hZQqs0Za99V5vMq8nOnwkbwfZBoK0k_Re4MtaSa8WY9dwgQAEvoP_Hr__t1quKgdoqCc8w&__tn__=-R



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