Alex Tyrrell is an eco-socialist activist who was elected leader of the Green Party of Quebec in 2013 at the age of 25. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Concordia University as well as a college diploma from Dawson College in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Under his leadership, the Green Party of Quebec has positioned itself on the left side of the Quebec political scene, while adopting a comprehensive program for Quebec, the new green plan, which contains progressive proposals on all issues of Quebec politics.

He is involved in politics to defend the environment and social justice by injecting positive energy into Quebec democracy. He campaigns against unbridled capitalism, for a more equal distribution of wealth and for the protection of the environment on all fronts. He presents a unifying vision in Quebec where diversity is celebrated and through which every Quebecer could have access to quality public health care, whatever their means.

Passionate about nature, Alex loves the outdoors, kayaking, cycling and photography. He lives in the Montreal neighborhood of Pointe St-Charles and is involved on a daily basis in improving the quality of life of Quebecers. For Alex Tyrrell, the struggles for social justice and environmental protection are inseparable and social movements must be supported by progressive political parties. Since 2012, he has run ten times for the Quebec National Assembly in several different regions. In 2018, he put the Green Party of Quebec on the map by running 97 candidates, whose average age was 34, with a 58% majority of female candidates. Over the next few years, Alex Tyrrell plans to continue his work on the ground for the development of the Green Party of Quebec, environmental protection and social justice!


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