Just returned from federal Liberal MP Marc Miller’s climate change “town hall” event at Concordia.

Although it is nice to see that the federal government is maintaining a dialogue with the environmental movement in the first year of their mandate, it is worth noting that they have not committed to a single substantial environmental policy since taking office last year.

During tonight’s event, the Liberal MP repeatedly stated that the Trudeau government has NO plans to leave Canadian fossil fuels in the ground.

They do not consider the overwhelming scientific consensus with respect to climate change as a valid reason to oppose pipeline projects, tar sands or other outdated projects.

Marc Miller had NO answers for the multiple individuals who asked why his government has chosen to maintain taxpayer subsidies that encourage oil companies to explore and discover NEW oil reserves.

At one point M. Miller actually took out his phone and began responding to email while someone was asking him a question.

Although the Liberal government appears to be more open than the Conservatives when it comes to discussing climate, they will likely use the simple fact that these town hall meetings occurred to further justify their support of the oil industry and lack of action on climate.

That being said, it is still vitally important that people continue to have their voices heard in such forms. It will be far more difficult for the liberals to hold such events once their “honeymoon” period comes to an end.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec




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