As the Harper government continues to beat the drums of war Canadian aircraft have carried out their first strikes in Iraq.

We have also learned that they have ordered the construction of 50 replicas of Canada’s LAV tanks in order to “commemorate” the failed war in Afghanistan. Forget about taking care of the veterans or perusing world peace this government is glamorizing war and wishes to increase the presence of the military in Canadian society.

What’s even more insulting about this latest public relations move is that the very tanks they will display are responsible for the deaths of many Canadian soldiers due to their “light” armour.

We should never have sent Canadian soldiers to confront land mines Afghanistan with sub par equipment and this announcement is an insult to veterans across the country.

I will be on Toronto’s NewsTalk1010 at 3:05 this afternoon to discuss these issues. Listen live at:

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Québec…/exclusive-hundreds-of-military-vehi…/


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