I am addressing this Letter of Support to Alex Tyrell who is running for the Leadership of the Party of Quebec.

First of all, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude for having been given the opportunity to participate in your party convention last February where I got to know your party’s constitution, platform, by-laws, and ideology. It on the later point that I want to address you with in respect to Mr. Tyrrell’s candidacy for the top job: leading the party’s values to the next millenium.

I have had the greatest opportunity and honour to have worked, travelled & shared, side by side, with deepest convictions, the values that the party holds close to the heart. You see my friends the Green Party and us aboriginals have a lot in common; we all want environmental protection of our lands, our waters, and our resources. We need to be transparent & accountable in everything we do as people.

From experience, I strongly believe that Alex Tyrrell is the best candidate to lead the Party. His ideals conforms with the party’s value & mission; Alex Tyrrell is committed in to seeing these issues come to focus.

Racism, intolerance, multi-national corporations, segregation of minorities, attacks on religion, and the continued encroachment of pipelines into sensitive areas are some key points that must be at the forefront. and I am confident that Alex Tyrrell has the ability to ensure that these issues are dealt with expeditiously.

Again, with experience, Mr. Tyrell is a good man with a strong mentality, will, commitment, and determination to ensure that the Party remains focussed with its charter. Alex understands grassroots issues. He and I have travelled to regions and talked with the people who are most affected by the actions of the current government.

As an aboriginal who has similar ideologies as the Party’s beliefs, I support and endorse Mr. Alex Tyrrell for leadership of the Green Party of Québec. He is a great man and is well respected in the aboriginal community. Furthermore his indepth knowledge on current issues is paramount to ensuring the Party remains a force to be reckoned with in the next election.

Yours In Brotherhood,

Elder Raymond Robinson

Aujourd'hui je suis fier d'avoir reçu l'appuis de l'aînée Raymond Robinson. Mr. Robinson est un activiste de première…

Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, September 5, 2013


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