Daniel Simon, candidate in Maskinongé


For as long as Daniel Simon can remember, he has been curious, rebellious, and unquenchable of knowledge.
Altruistic and deeply intrigued by the mysteries of the human race, he uses benevolence and dedication to help his fellow citizens.
“We all have a goal in life, for some, it is to start a family, for others, it is to succeed at all costs on the professional level, for my part, my priority is to help solve the major issues facing our society. The future generation must have the means to continue to make our planet evolve positively”.
Thus, for him, finding innovative and different solutions to the many problems that society must face is a daily challenge.

Rather solitary at first glance, his awareness of belonging to a community of people thirsting for truth, beauty and justice, prevents him from feeling isolated throughout his journey. Self-taught, he accumulates studies in a multitude of fields of interest, his life strangely resembles the famous movie: “Catch me if you can”…
Thus, he went from airplane pilot when he was an air cadet, to hotelier, from sailor to electro-mechanic, from web designer to marketing director… and today, from philanthropist to politician.


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