Nadim Saikali, candidate in Verchères


Having always wanted to be a candidate and having always wanted to change things in Quebec society, and being very concerned about environmental issues, Nadim Saikali is now involved in hoping to solve these problems. With studies in biological sciences and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Nadim was able to become aware of local environmental issues. Today, he considers it necessary to get more involved in Quebec society in order to bring more solutions to climate issues. For him, it is necessary that Quebecers get more involved to improve the future of Quebec and in particular by voting for the Green Party of Quebec. 

Very interested in the party’s energy transition policy, Nadim would like to see this policy become a reality, so that Quebec can free itself from fossil fuels and move towards other types of renewable energy such as geothermal, wind or solar. Indeed, according to him, it is necessary for Quebec to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and move towards a greener and more responsible province. 

Nadim is also convinced that we must opt for free public transportation but also to increase its accessibility, which would allow Quebecers to reduce their use of cars and thus lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the province. In addition, Nadim wishes to support the management of contaminated sites that could have a catastrophic effect on the health of new generations. In addition, Nadim believes that there should be more investment in the construction of bicycle paths outside of Montreal in order to have a real alternative to polluting vehicles. 

In his spare time, Nadim enjoys cycling on the south shore of Montreal, traveling, but he is also a guitar lover. For Nadim Saikali, every vote cast on behalf of the Green Party of Quebec demonstrates that the idea of a truly green future is important to the people of Quebec and that a more just and equitable democracy is possible. Every vote cast for the Green Party of Quebec helps move the public debate towards innovative commitments. Nadim Saikali would be honoured to have your support in the 2022 Quebec general election. Every vote counts!


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