Marc-André Bélisle, candidate in Masson


Marc-André Bélisle is running for the Green Party of Quebec because it is the party that most closely corresponds to his values, namely social justice and environmental protection. He wishes that we make a transition of society to go towards a healthy relationship with the environment and a better quality of life in an economic model other than that of constant incrementalism and overconsumption. He believes that it is more sustainable for Quebec that a fundamentally green party that seeks to fight to limit the impacts of climate change oversees the future of Quebec rather than others who talk about it but whose real intentions are not to make changes to the economic and social system at the root of the current problems. 

As green in his political ideas as in his work, Marc-André operates a project management firm for local and international companies and organizations whose vocation is to have a positive sustainable impact on the environment and society. As a committed entrepreneur, he wants companies to take responsibility for their ecological and social footprints, without waiting for government directives. 

It is essential to make the debate more egalitarian by giving visibility to the Green Party of Quebec because there is a need to renew Quebec politics by changing its face, to value the debate on climate issues and social justice rather than on other aspects that are not priorities for living in a healthy Quebec. 

As a master’s student in philosophy at the University of Sherbrooke, Marc-André studies the role of entrepreneurship as a catalyst for social transformation towards a more responsible economy. He sees himself as a change agent, part of the companies that are looking for innovative, equitable and sustainable solutions for future generations now. 

At the local level, Marc-André wishes to make public transportation free, access to education for all and that more teachers be trained. It is also very important to him that all citizens of Quebec have access to affordable housing, without having to choose between housing and food or depend on a government bonus to decide who can have access and for how long. Finally, Marc-André hopes that these measures will be taken quickly to fight inflation in Quebec by ceasing to value an economy centered on market competition and enrichment at the expense of others, but rather to turn to a collaborative economy.

In his spare time, Marc-André enjoys oil painting, swimming and reading. He is very attracted to the arts, history and archaeology and likes more than anything to spend time with his family, who is very important to him. For Marc-André Bélisle, every vote cast on behalf of the Green Party of Quebec demonstrates that the idea of a future ethical, flourishing and just society for all is paramount to the people of Quebec in a democracy that does not sacrifice future generations. Every vote for the Green Party of Quebec allows the public debate to evolve towards innovative commitments. Marc-André Bélisle would be honored to have your support in the 2022 Quebec general election. Every vote counts!


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