Gilles Fournelle is entering politics for the second time, greatly inspired by the values he finds within the Green Party of Quebec, namely respect for others, the environment, human rights and all living beings. Gilles is particularly sensitive to social inequalities and discrimination of all kinds. 

He has a bachelor’s degree in communication (human relations) and a major in geography. He had the privilege of teaching special needs children for 10 years in high school. He embraces the minimalist philosophy, a shift greatly inspired by his children for whom he wants to leave an inspiring and clean planet. He is concerned about his ecological footprint and works hard to reduce it as much as possible every day.

For Gilles, every vote cast on behalf of the Green Party of Quebec demonstrates that the values, proposals and ideas defended by the party resonate with the population and helps us to take our place in the public debate. Political parties are also funded by the number of votes they receive. For all these reasons, Gilles Fournelle would be honored to count on your support during the elections. Every vote counts!

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