Green Party of Quebec leader Alex Tyrrell and deputy leader Halimatou Bah issued the following statement on Earth Day 2021

Today is Earth Day, a global day of environmental action that is more important than ever. The pandemic has shown us that collective action to protect our health is not only necessary but very popular with the public. On the environmental front, action is necessary and increasingly popular… but government action on environmental issues is minimal, if not entirely absent. While the rhetoric of the major parties, including the Conservatives, is evolving in the face of this growing popularity of the environmental movement, the policies they are proposing to meet their GHG reduction targets are simply not there.

On this Earth Day 2021, let’s look beyond the announced reduction targets and focus on the actual means to achieve them. With all the special interests, double speak and broken promises, only a new government dedicated to the environment will be able to impose the policies that will actually reduce our emissions. More and more people are demanding significant change and the Green Party of Quebec, established for almost 35 years, is the ideal vehicle to bring about the change people need.

Today we are launching the Green Party of Quebec’s recruitment campaign for the October 2022 provincial election. Come join a dynamic team that advocates for the environment, social justice and better democracy. Together we can change Quebec through our actions, our ideas and our commitment to move Quebec forward environmentally, socially and economically.

We are currently looking for candidates, volunteers, interns and party executive members. The 2022 elections will be the first in which our party will run a full team of 125 candidates across Quebec. It will be an election in which the Green Party of Quebec will present an ambitious and progressive platform with a more diverse team of candidates than ever before. We are looking for people from all backgrounds to be part of our team.

Join us and together we will move Quebec forward.

Alex Tyrrell and Halimatou Bah


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