Recently, Quebec’s Environment Minister, Benoit Charette, announced that the government was open to the idea of putting a deposit on SAQ (liquor commission) bottles.

The expansion of our current bottle exchange program will create a significant logistical challenge. The SAQ says it does not have enough space in its stores to manage bottle collection. The SAQ and the Minister agree that a collection network will have to be set up outside the stores.

The establishment of a returnable container collection network is a good initiative. Especially since, with recycling centres capable of managing large quantities, Quebec could impose deposits on all kinds of containers.

Furthermore, the Green Party of Quebec is campaigning for a universal coffee cup that could be managed by a deposit-exchange system. This type of container could be collected at the same locations as SAQ bottles.

An expansion of the deposit could allow us to revolutionize our consumption habits and ensure the transition to ZERO waste. Recyclable containers could be used for almost anything; grocery stores, beverages, packaging! The possibilities are endless!

Let’s think big and go beyond just the SAQ bottles by building a vast network of collections and deposits across Quebec.

We have the solutions!

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec


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